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McLaren Bahrain holds second exclusive Sports Series event at BIC

Exclusive Sports Series event at BIC

Following a well received exclusive drive event in January, Kanoo Motors S.P.C., a leading high-end automotive retailer and the official distributor of McLaren in the Kingdom, held the second edition of its Sports Series: The Drive, at the Bahrain International Circuit. More than 30 selected clients were given the rare opportunity to test the full capabilities of the McLaren 570S and 570GT at the prospecting day, which was repeated following the overwhelmingly positive response of the first one earlier this year.

“These track days allow our clients to experience firsthand what the multi-awarded Sports Series models have secured in the last year as proof of their outstanding capabilities in a highly competitive supercar segment,” said Head of McLaren Bahrain, Trevor Fletcher. “All our guests were thrilled by the experience. We committed ourselves from the beginning to give McLaren the market position it deserves in Bahrain, and the best method of achieving that goal is to let drivers personally discover what it feels like to be behind the wheels of the 570S and 570GT. We are confident that our customers’ experience will continue to match their high expectations of the brand as they will now also benefit from our excellent after-sales service.”

He added: “The first edition of Sports Series: The Drive was extremely well received, which necessitated us to continue this personal one-to-one engagement opportunity with the brand and reach discerning McLaren enthusiasts.”

By combining road-biased nature and racing technology, the McLaren Sports Series introduced a new type of DNA to the sports car segment, offering super car levels of performance with an enhanced all-round usability for an exhilarating and fun road driving experience.

The Sports Series has won more than 10 major awards, including ‘Best Performance Car’ in the 2016 UK Car of the Year Awards for the 570S Coupé.

The McLaren 570S packs a mighty 562bhp engine incorporated into its unique body style that includes the Sport Aero Pack with new rear diffuser, front splitter and side skirts, and an even more driver-focused chassis. Meanwhile, the McLaren 570GT offers luxury touches added to its carbon-fibre chassis, lightweight aluminium body, and twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 engine to produce an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

Kanoo Motors S.P.C. became the official distributor of McLaren in Bahrain in late 2016, a decision that was announced as part of McLaren’s plans to enhance its retail network in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America regions.

For more information, go to www.bahrain.mclaren.com or call the toll free number on 80007878.